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April 17, 2013
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Gokudera Gale ref sheet by Hope-n-Despair-Fhxc Gokudera Gale ref sheet by Hope-n-Despair-Fhxc
Name: Gokudera Gale 獄寺 ゲイル

Age: 15

Nationality: Italian

Famigila: Vongola, G.D.L.O

Appearance: Gale is a tall lean-built Albino with short white hair and red-colored eyes. He often wears a emotionless and cool expression on his face. His school attire consist of: Long blue vest, white unbuttoned long sleeve shirt, black pants and shoes. Gale's working attire consist of a black open blazer, white shirt and black pants.

Height: 1.72m

Personality: Gale appeared to be a quiet and gentle person, despite being raised by the hot-tempered Gokudera Hayato of the Vongola X Storm Guardian. While being a right-hand man for Tsubasa, He is working as a member of G.D.L.O, monitor mafiaso to make sure they don't go against the laws and apprehend anyone who does. He seemed to be an all-around good person, and will constantly criticize himself more often than others. He seemed to be withdrawn, and rightly questioned the loyalty of those around Tsubasa silently. Gale seemed to be on good terms with his adoptive father, and kept up with him as he tried to remain serious in his position of the Undicesimo's right hand man. He also seemed to be on good terms with Shiryo, unlike Mukuro's and Gokudera's relationship, and kept up with him as the two often work together in G.D.L.O. With Tsubasa and everyone, he seems to sometimes disagree of the plan but mostly towards Tsubasa's recklessness, but they forgive each other and eventually come to term of agreement. Gale cared about Tsubasa deeply, and blamed himself for the fact that he couldn't protect Tsubasa well 7 years ago, which made her lost her memories of everything. He later took back the role of being her right-hand man once more to protect her, showing his protective side. Gale is extremely strict with himself, and fully believes of the fact he is caused of many misfortune.

History/Hidden Past: Gale was living in the streets, often going around begging for food. When Gale was 5. he was found by Tsubasa who was walking home from school and brought him like a stray puppy found in the streets; this action greatly scare the souls out of the guardians and her parents. After some trimming and cleaning up, he begin living around the Vongola being Tsubasa's personal butler; taking care of her well-being daily. Gale was also then taken in by Gokudera, after Gale requested the desire to be the right-hand man of hers. When he was 8, he was protecting Tsubasa and everyone while the Decimo guardians was fending off the assassins. However, Tsubasa was somehow taken away from then and was lost to them for 7 years, greatly hurting Gale emotionally who bears the guilt of not protecting her well. Some years, he had joined G.D.L.O secretly in hope to find any information of his lost mistress.

Relationship: (Will update)
+ Tsubasa - Mistress/Boss
Gale is Tsubasa's personal butler/right-hand man. When Tsubasa first met Gale, she was willing him to take him back to the mansion despite his silent protest, fearing to be sold for slavery. However when she regarded him as a friend, Gale is shown to be smiling brightly for the first time. When Tsubasa was taken and went missing 7 years ago, he was deeply emotionally hurt with guilt, showing that he cared deeply for the safety of his mistress. Gale is protective of Tsubasa, and he keeps her nearby when possible. His attachment to the other guardians adding to more company for Tsubasa, seems to be a very small concession; as well as will help him to know more friends and understanding the concept of "Family", showing only a bright naive smile and the singular devotion to his mistress. After Tsubasa's disappearance, Gale was hurt emotionally, wanting to carry the burden of Tsubasa's disappearance by himself. Gale blamed himself for Tsubasa's memory lost, despite Gokudera's constant yelling lecture not to blame himself for that. He continues to obey her orders silently without questioning back at first, to relieve his guilt of not being able to protect her 7 years ago.

Shiryo - Comrades
Unlike his adoptive father's unforgiving relationship towards Mukuro, the two hold no grudge towards each other. The two often work and communicate with each other of the guardian status, mostly about his sister's status. The only comment he will ever give about Shiryo's sis-complex to Reiko is mere sigh that came out from his mouth.

Weapon: Crossbow gun with explosive thin yet strong arrows

Flame: Storm

Box Animal: Storm Wolf

    :bulletred: Gale's theme song: Dear You ~Trust~
    :bulletred: He could starved himself for 2 days without eating and drinking, due to the experience of the life being a beggar
    :bulletred: Gale is known by his title as "The Strong Gale of Bulls-eye" having being able to hit bulls-eye while the target is moving around within 2 km.
    :bulletred: Despite being weaponless while being a student, Gale is also good in hand-to-hand combat.
    :bulletred: Gokudera noted that despite Gale being mostly quiet and gentle, his true temper could possibly be the worst kind.
    :bulletred: He had been confessed to many girls, whom he balantly rejects bluntly.